Learning how to read and write are the first big milestones in a child’s education. Rosetta Stone Inc., whom you have probably heard of from their popular foreign language-learning software, has worked in collaboration with the experts at Lexia Learning to create an app designed to help children learn how to read—Rosetta Stone Kids Reading.

Kids Reading is an app designed to improve student learning through their use of technology. The app targets children from ages 3–7 with the specific goal of improving their literacy skills through adaptive technology that responds to a specific learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Rosetta Stone Kids Reading is similar to Lexia Reading Core5, a product that is currently used in classrooms across the country and has helped over two million students improve their reading skills in the last year alone.

“Learning to read is a life-changing achievement,” said Steve Swad, President and CEO of Rosetta Stone. “Kids who learn to read early are better equipped to succeed in school and in life. Our Lexia Reading Core5 solution is already helping millions of children in America learn to read at a grade-level in school. Now, with Rosetta Stone Kids reading, we’re providing an engaging, effective way for parents to help their kids learn to read at home.”

There are 10 levels to the Kids Learning curriculum, containing 600 units of learning material and 50 different activities and games. The components of this curriculum are designed to keep children entertained while they develop their reading skills.

The app also includes a data center for parents, called the Parent’s Corner, where it is easy to monitor the progress of up to four young students.

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading is available on browsers and is downloadable on iOS and Android devices. It is free to download and to use the first lesson of each level of the curriculum. However, additional lessons can only be accessed through a digital subscription that will run you either $20/month or $100/year.

What do you think about the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading app? Would you use it to supplement your child’s education?

EDIT: In a previous version, Rosetta Stone Kids Reading was incorrectly referred to as both Lexia and Lexia Reading Core5.