Margarita Lopez

Margarita Lopez is one activist that doesn’t limit herself to just one cause. She’s been promoting positive change for over thirty years. She’s advocated for peoples’ rights on several fronts, including the homeless, the drug and alcohol dependent, victims of domestic violence, and LGBT people. She’s also been outspoken about the need for change in sustainability practices of individuals and businesses.

Currently the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) board member and Environmental Coordinator, Margarita Lopez has been a major force in the eco-friendly movement, helping to retrofit NYCHA’s buildings and inspiring others to reduce their carbon footprint. Lopez heads up all of NYCHA’s “green” committees and programs, working with the community to make NYC a better place for all.

Margarita Lopez has made it her personal goal to educate NYCHA community on best practices and the importance of protecting the environment. Education is a powerful force, especially for those that would make a change in the world.

Ms. Lopez also understands the value of partnering with others to find successes that would otherwise remain out of reach. She’s worked with organizations like Planters, NYC Power Authority, and PlaNYC to further promote sustainability.

Projects like the Planters Grove have helped to further educate the public on the real-life issues and problems that face us today.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Margarita Lopez relocated to New York City in 1978. Living in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, she has continued to be a force for good in creating and preserving high-quality, affordable, eco-friendly public housing.

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