With schools across the country closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19, parents everywhere are looking for options to help diversify their home education options. Here is a small selection of free education resources for a variety of subjects.


Prodigy Math Game is a fantasy-themed game built around solving math problems. It uses content appropriate for grades 1-8, and allows parents to track their child’s progress and create individualized assignments. Successful progress through new mathematical skills lets the child’s magical avatar learn new spells to use against monsters in the game, which can be played solo or with friends.

Other free education resources for math: Funbrain, Khan Academy, Math Playground, Math Game Time, SplashLearn


NASA Kids’ Club is a collection of games and galleries meant to support education in STEAM subjects and inspire discussion and curiosity about scientific principles, space, and engineering.

Other science sites and apps: Amazing Space, Codecademy, Discovery Mindblown, How Stuff Works

Social Studies

Crash Course (and Crash Course Kids) are two YouTube channels with hundreds of videos into as many topics, each one both funny and educational. With topics from study skills to astronomy to intellectual property law, Crash Course is aimed at high school students (with a focus on AP topics and the steps to take towards early careers), while Crash Course Kids is aimed at approximately fifth grade.

Other free education resources for social studies: Google Earth, Nat Geo Kids, Smithsonian for Kids, Ted Talks, Time for Kids


Duolingo has made learning vocabulary in a new language into a simple game, with daily tasks to complete that help reinforce a language education.


Hello Kids is a drawing tutorial website with coloring pages for younger kids, step-by-step  illustration tutorials for older students, and craft and activity ideas for everyone. It also has illustrated games to help kids expand their reading and writing skills.

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