While standardized tests aren’t fun, and some even debate the actual merit of having children take several standardized tests to measure academic success and potential, they are a necessary evil of the current academic system. Luckily, there are organizations that focus on helping students and teachers become better at taking these tests, and helping teachers administer test preparation material in a way that is easy for students to understand.

One such organization is MasteryPrep. What is MasteryPrep? It is a Baton-Rouge area startup that is dedicated to preparing parents and teachers for the college-prep exams like the ACT and SAT.

MasteryPrep offers a wide variety of services including online course, in-person instruction, one-off test, and even semester-long courses that help students prepare to take these important tests. Also, there are professional development seminars for teachers and others who have to administer these courses and teach students how to prepare for them.

MasteryPrep is also looking to expand its offerings, and to do so requires more funding. To that end, Charles Davis, the startup’s co-founder and chief strategic officer, traveled to New York on Wednesday May 13th to try and woo potential investors, specifically venture capitalists, to fund his company. Among the attendees are Steve Shlafman of RRE, Jeffrey Silverman of Laconia, Robbert Vorhoff of General Atlantic, Taylor Davidson of Venture for America, and Joe Medved of Softbank Capital.

MasteryPrep has seen great success in its pilot schools, including a 116% increase in students meeting state ACT benchmarks at Kentwood High School, 88% of students improving by an average of 2.91 at Southern University Lab School, and an average improvement of 2.97 among 89% of students at Donaldsonville High School.

These programs can be very important for students, because it prepares them for tests that play a big role in the next step of their educational career—college. With the proper preparation, like they provide at MasteryPrep, students can successfully and easily pass their ACT or SAT with flying colors and hopefully get a chance to enter the college of their dreams.

What do you think of MasteryPrep? Would you want your child to be involved in a training course to take college-prep test? Let us know in the comments section below!