With all the pushes for more tech in the classroom, many teachers are finding themselves with technology that they don’t know how best to utilize. Which apps or programs should be used on an iPad, for example? Young children can be especially hard to plan for.

Storia is a new eReading app developed by Scholastic that could prove to be a valuable resource indeed. The app aims to create lifelong readers out of students by inspiring and intriguing them. It can be used on all iPads, Android devices, and PCs. Like a Kindle or Nook, Storia allows teachers to download a variety of e-books. But beyond that, Storia actually has some additional very useful capabilities:

  1. It can be connected to an interactive whiteboard. That means all students can clearly see the book and try to read along.
  2. Storia e-books come with a variety of “unique features and report,” helping teachers develop more ways to teach and communicate with students.
  3. Books downloaded to Storia are placed on bookshelves—which students can access. There are over 40 bookshelves available for one Storia account, so each student can have an individualized bookshelf that’s specific to their reading level and more.
  4. Each book on Storia comes with information about reading level, plot, and recommendations, making it easy to decide which books to assign an individual student.
  5. Since Storia only needs to be connected to the Internet to purchase or assign books, it can be used in both classrooms with many devices or just a few. If students have access to a home computer, they can read books there, too.
  6. Storia includes a dictionary, which allows students to look up word meanings and hear their correct pronunciation. It also has a “notes” tool, which teachers or students can use to communicate with each other. Additionally, there is a highlighter tool available in every book.
  7. Enrichment activities are available for many books in the collection, allowing students to practice reading skills, increase comprehension, and become more engaged with the story.
  8. Storia is great for whole class, small group, or independent reading activities. It also includes a “read to me” audio feature to help reluctant or struggling readers.
  9. Storia reports allow teachers to track student progress, growth over time, comprehension, and more.

Intrigued? Check out Scholastic’s website to learn more about Storia.