As the extended winter break comes to a close, students might be returning feeling rusty or not well acquainted with the rhythm of school. Here are some tips to get you familiar with classes again and ready to take on the spring semester or quarters:

Set goals:

Did you get where you wanted to get last semester? Need to add a few more hours studying during the week? The beginning of the year is the best time to sit down and think about what you want to get done. Set some goals that are achievable and try your best to follow through on them. If your grades weren’t what you wanted them to be before winter break, it may be time to reprioritize your schedule. When you identify how you fell short on goals last semester, you can make new ones.

school get organized

Tip: get organized! Tidy up and start this semester fresh.
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Get organized:

Having a tidy area to work can be very beneficial, as well as a clean backpack. You’ve got a while to go before summer, so be prepared to treat this new semester like it’s a fresh start. Try using your planner to keep your schedule on track; it will make the world of difference when you start having to be many places throughout the week.

Get involved:

A great way to make friends is to join a new club or participate in a different activity you haven’t done before. This is also the perfect way to meet people with common interests. Not to mention it’s one more thing you got involved with that you can put on your résumé.

Stay active:

Be sure to keep yourself exercising and moving during the start of the semester. Many students become too focused on studying and their social life to see the importance of staying active. There are countless benefits to working out, such as added energy, helping with depression, and building self-worth. Even a walk around campus a couple times a week will suffice.

Keep in Contact:

Just getting back to school can be a fun time because you will be reunited with friends that you might not have talked to or seen during break. Don’t be afraid to rely on them to get you acquainted in school-mode again. Be sure to stay in contact with friends that you parted from who are back at home or in a different school. They are going through the same things as you; so don’t be afraid to contact them if you are having any trouble.

Stay Interested:

Coming back from break means a whole new set of classes. Give them a chance to be liked, especially if they seem too hard or not very exciting. You may find yourself in a class that can help with your future career plans, or even create a new hobby for yourself. Don’t just blow it off; new classes can change your whole outlook on the new semester or quarter.