Witches' fingers

Witches’ Fingers!
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We’re coming up on Halloween, and while kids may be excited about the veritable mountains of candy, adults are likely trying to find ways to satiate the sweet tooth without overdoing things. This holiday in particular tends to revolve around sweet treats that don’t have much substance. School Halloween parties will likely be filled with cupcakes, cookies, candy, and sugary punch.

So how do we move away from this pure-sugar habit and toward something a little healthier? The rise in popularity of image-sharing site Pinterest has given way to some wonderful Halloween-themed but healthier snacks that could be served at school parties. Check out these 7 great ideas for healthy Halloween snacks this year:

  1. Witch Fingers and Mummies: Cover large pretzel rods in colored chocolate, except for about an inch at the bottom—use green for the witches and white for the mummies. Add two knuckle joints on the witch fingers using a toothpick and use sliced almonds for fingernails. For the mummies, drizzle white chocolate over the already-dipped pretzels and then add faces with black frosting.
  2. Mummy Dogs: Cut Crescent Roll dough into thin strips and wrap around hotdogs, leaving a small space for eyes. Decorate with two dots of mustard or other condiment.

    Banana mummies and clementine pumpkins!

    Banana mummies and clementine pumpkins!
    Image: Shutterstock

  3. Tomato Brains: Cut a jack-o-lantern face into a tomato, cut the top of the tomato off, and stuff with tuna salad, letting it overflow to look like “brains.”
  4. Apple Smiles: Slice a red apple and put peanut butter (or other spread) on one side of each slice. Facing the sides with spread together, line up several marshmallows to give your red lips “teeth.”
  5. Jack-o-Lantern Veggies: Simply arrange veggies or fruits into the shape of a jack-o-lantern, using dips for the eyes and nose. Carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and snap peas all work great!
  6. Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins: Cut bananas in half and use mini and regular sized chocolate chips to form eyes and mouths; you’ll end up with adorable little ghosts! For clementines, just peel and insert a piece of celery for the pumpkin’s stem. Healthy was never easier!
  7. Pretzel Spiderwebs: Use thin pretzel sticks to form an eight-pronged star, then drizzle white or milk chocolate in the center and around in several circles to form the “web.”