Okay, okay…I know you don’t want to hear it, but the new school year is just around the corner. Or, if you are a parent, maybe you can’t wait to get the kids out of your hands again.  It’s all about perception.

NYC School Bus

A NYC school bus
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There are some things you can do to make it a smooth transition when it comes to “back-to-school.”  The transition is just as big for parents as it is for kids.

Start out by transitioning to waking up at the right time.  If you, or the kids, have started sleeping in later and later throughout the summer, try waking up just 15 minutes earlier per day.  That way it’s not a shock when school starts.  By the time school rolls around, you will feel ready to go.

Second, try not to wait until the last minute to buy school supplies.  If you do, you risk fighting off the hordes of other moms and kids.  Waiting puts you in crisis mode.  Also, if cost is an issue, you can spread it out by buying some each month.  That way the entire cost doesn’t fall on you all at once.

Consider your child’s wardrobe.  Clothes that fit just fine last year may be a little thread-worn by the end of the summer.  Take stock of what they have and what they may need. It will save you from having to shop for clothing during a busier time.  Plus, it may give your child a little boost of self-esteem to head off to school with a new pair of shoes or jeans.

teacher and student

Teacher and student
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Finally, it’s worthwhile to sit down with your child or children and set some goals together.  Even young children can benefit from this.  It lets them know that you will be involved in helping them to succeed.  Plus it will help to keep them accountable for the year.  You may even share some goals of your own.