Bakery Science

Everyone knows the usual majors: Business, Education, Law, English, Engineering, and many, many more. But did you know there is a degree for Real Estate? Just ask Emily Youssouf of NYU and NYCHA—she teaches it. How about Puppetry Arts? Or miming? Here are 15 crazy degrees you’ve probably never heard of:

  1. Packaging: Create economically, aesthetically, environmentally, and technically sound packages.
  2. Astrobiology: Study life outside of earth—on other planets and throughout the universe.
  3. Earth & Space Exploration: You’re sure to be on the front lines if and when we improve space travel and discover alien life.
  4. Nautical/Marine/Shipwreck Archaeology: If you’ve always wanted to be a treasure hunter and explorer, that’s what these degrees are all about. Research programs and positions could place you in exotic locations like Mexico.
  5. Puppetry Arts: Learn the ins and outs of the puppetry business, from how to perform to how to create the little guys.
  6. Bakery Science: Of course there’s baking involved, too, but only after students finish up hefty science courses like microbiology.
  7. Racetrack Management: Depending on which route you choose to follow, this degree would prepare you for life as either a horse trainer and breeder or a managerial position instead.
  8. Viticulture & Enology: If you love wine, this might be the course for you. This degree program studies grapes and wine and prepares you for a career in the industry.
  9. Decision Sciences: If you’re bad at making decisions, you could always major in it. The program at Indiana University teaches mathematical techniques, optimization methods, computer stimulation, decision analysis, and more to help you make the right choice in business situations.

10. Turfgrass Management: Keep those golf courses, athletic fields, and parks a lush green by studying subjects like irrigation, weeds, and plant genetics.

11. Clownology/Miming: Class clowns won’t get in trouble for being funny in one of these programs. In fact, it might just get you on the honor roll.

12. Real Estate: If you want to be a real estate master and not just an average agent, you could major in it instead of simply getting licensed. A degree will teach you how to close deals, understand international real estate markets/economies, understand business and residential real estate, appraise property, and more.

13. EcoGastronomy: Think food and sustainability in relation to local, regional, and global food systems.

14. Paranormal Studies: Seeking a career as a parapsychologist, UFOlogist, cryptozoologist, or an EVP technician?

15. Enigmatology: If you’ve heard of Will Shortz, then you know of the only person to graduate with this degree from Indiana University since 1974. It’s the study of the creation and solution of puzzles. No wonder we can’t get our heads around his crosswords sometimes.