While others are doing it the old fashioned way with gracious monetary donations, 10 x10 is creating a new way to support education: through a film. What is 10 x 10? 10 x 10 is a feature film called “Girl Rising” and a social action campaign for the education of girls. Written by former ABC news journalists, the film hopes to send the message that educating girls in developing countries will change the world. They believe that educated girls can help with social problems such as reduce poverty, reduce child mortality, reduce corruption, and reduce HIV infection rates. The campaign also hopes to ignite global action in the promotion of girl’s education.  The documentary follows girls around the world as they come across and overcome many roadblocks in the pursuit of their dreams. The film will feature stars like Anne Hathaway and Selena Gomez, who are undoubtedly idols to young girls. This project is a brilliant idea for supporting education. Not only will this film raise awareness about education for females but it will also send the message to young girls that they possess the power to create positive world change.

Cover Image: Brad Ruggles via Flickr