Seattle Education Access

Teen sleeping

Teen sleeping
Image: Brooke Bocast via Flickr

“In an ideal world, every young person would have the opportunity to achieve a complete education and build a fruitful life. The truth is that many of the young people in our community will never get the chance to go to college and achieve their dreams. That is, unless people who can make a difference step in and change that reality.”

That is what it says on the home page for Seattle Education Access.  These are people who care about those who start out with a disadvantage in life. For those who are homeless, living in poverty or struggling to find enough money to eat, education may be the last thing on their minds.

Seattle Education Access makes it their mission to reach out to those people.  They say, “Our doors are open to any low-income person under the age of 30 no matter their legal issues, parenting status, sexual orientation or immigration status. We offer a free, welcoming, non-judgmental approach to helping young people living in poverty get the education they need to thrive.”

SEA provides personalized mentors to students who need support. Image:

SEA provides personalized mentors to students who need support.

Seattle Education Access tries to meet its goals in four ways.  They provide education and resources to non-traditional students.  They offer financial support for low-income students and help them with housing and basic needs.  Yet, they go further than that by providing personalized mentoring and support.  Finally, they try to empower those whose voices are not often heard in order to academically succeed.

They also offer a list of resources on their website such as financial aid forms, other helpful websites, a list of colleges, information about homelessness and other useful help.