Ronald McDonald House Charities

Through its numerous Chapters across the world, Ronald McDonald House Charities ensures that families have “the stability and resources to keep their child healthy and happy.” Their mission is to create and support programs that improve the health and wellness of children. Ronald McDonald House Charities is there to not just support families while they are going through difficult times, but strengthen them. Often times when a child becomes ill, they have stay at a hospital far away from their parents. Believing that children make a quicker recovery when they are surrounded by the love and support of those they love, Ronald McDonald House offers Houses where families can be together while their child is hospitalized.  These homes allow families to focus their attention on the child’s heath without having to worry about obligations like preparing meals or cleaning a home.

The charity’s three core programs include: Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald Family Room, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. Ronald McDonald Family Rooms are located right at the hospital where families can be together and relax, allowing sick children to have their parents close by. Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles travel to vulnerable communities and offer high-quality medical care for children. Ronald McDonald care mobile provides services like primary care, immunizations, care for special needs children, vision, hearing, and lead screening, and dental care. Because of the Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles, the U.S. saves $5 million in health care costs.

The programs that Ronald McDonald House Charities provides help improve children’s health. In many vulnerable communities, poor health is a barrier to gaining an education. This is one of the reasons why the Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles are offered. Did you know that more than 51 million hours of schooling are lost every year among American children due to the lack of dental care? Certain Chapters also directly support education through scholarships for disadvantaged students.

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