John Rhea

John Rhea NYCHA

NYCHA’s John Rhea supports education through a multitude of platforms.

John Rhea is the NYCHA Chairman. He was first appointed to his position at the New York City Housing Authority  in 2009 by Mayor Bloomberg, and has over two decades of experience working in the private sector.

Rhea is an alumnus of both Wesleyan University and Harvard Business School, and has worked for prominent organizations like Barclays Capital and JP Morgan Chase. During his time with NYCHA, John Rhea has worked on the development of initiatives like Plan NYCHA, which seeks to create “a stronger, more efficient and customer-focused” NYCHA.

And despite his busy schedule Rhea is also involved with the philanthropic community. He is a board member for Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and in the past has also been involved on the board for the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. He is an advocate for early childhood education and is a supporter of arts and cultural programs for youth in the community.

John Rhea is also a member of the New York Business Development Corporation Board and is the founder and director for the Council for Urban Professionals (CUP). CUP is a non-profit organization that supports minority professionals and entrepreneurs in their endeavors, encouraging them to succeed and become self-sustaining—heartily congratulating them when they do.

John Rhea NYCHA

NYCHA’s John Rhea, Council Member Ruben Wills, and Kars4Kids Host Backpack Give-Away in August of 2012.

“[We wanted] to bring together two organizations that are committed to investing in people,” he said at the NFL Officiating Academy graduation ceremony in August 2012, “putting them on the road to opportunity, giving them a kind of skills and mentorship, and the guidance, and the support they need to be successful. And so I’m just excited to be a part of it… So congratulations tonight and thanks for making me so proud to be a part of what you’re doing.”

Confidence in others and their ability to succeed in the world is perhaps what makes NYCHA’s John Rhea such an inspiring figure. His work with other organizations, like the partnership between NYCHA and the NFL, creates opportunities for men and women that need it most.