Jenny Farrelly

Jenny Farrelly is on KKR's Global Public Affairs team.

KKR’s Jenny Farrelly

When it comes to helping others become successful, an important requirement for mentors is to have found success themselves. That’s what makes KKR’s Jenny Farrelly a perfect sponsor of educational success programs. Farrelly has degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and today she’s a successful New York businesswoman.

Jenny Farrelly has volunteered with programs like the Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN), which helps young women break the cycle of poverty by getting a quality education. YWLN has founded several Young Women’s Leadership Schools in the New York Area and offers a College Bound Initiative. Its leadership schools have been praised for being innovative and effective public schools.

The Young Women's Leadership Network helps young women break the cycle of poverty.

Jenny Farrelly has volunteered with the YWLN and SSN.

Another program Farrelly has worked with is the Student Sponsor Partners, which is a program dedicated to raising graduation rates among New York’s teens. The current graduation rate for high school students in the city is 61%, but students who participate in SSP graduate at an 85% rate. That’s because SSN partners students with sponsors and mentors that offer one-on-one mentoring, financial support, and help with academic focus.

An active member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NISI), Jenny Farrelly is an expert in corporate and financial communications and serves as one of KKR’s key media contacts. Her career experience includes working on KKR’s Global Public Affairs team, as well as with companies like Stifel Nicolas, Citigroup, and Edelman’s Corporate & Financial Communications practice. For young people working their way up in the world, she is a perfect example of how far perseverance and a good education can take someone.