Henry Kravis

Henry KravisHenry Kravis is one of the cofounders of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), which is a private sector leveraged buyout (LBO) company. Pioneers of the LBO model, Kravis and his partner George Roberts have seen stunning success in the past 36 years.

As Co-Chairman of the board and Co-CEO for KKR, Henry Kravis is a high-profile businessman. But don’t underestimate his moral obligation to charitable causes. He’s supported a variety of causes, including education.

Henry Kravis graduated from Claremont McKenna College (CMC), and through their partnership comes the Henry Kravis Leadership Institute. The Institute works to train future leaders and has developed a number of new facilities for the school.

Claremont McKenna also awards the $250,000 Henry Kravis Prize for Leadership every year to exemplary leaders and innovators in the non-profit sector. The winner of the annual prize is granted the award money to put back into their organization’s administrative costs.

Kravis isn’t shy about sharing advice with young people, either. In a conversation with two budding student leaders, he discussed what he felt made someone a good leader, and what they ought to strive for in order to see real success. Among other things, he touches on the need to be innovative, communicate well, and collaborate with others.

Outside of CMC, Henry Kravis has also pledged $100 million to the Columbia Business School to help fund its new site in New York City. He earned his master’s in Business Administration from Columbia in 1969. He also serves on the Board of Overseers as a co-chair.

He’s been unwavering in his dedication to the school and it’s new campus’ development. He is passionate about continuing education and supporting future leaders of the world. “You need to have the best faculty, the best curriculum, the best students, and the best facilities,” he said. “One leg has been missing, and this will round out this great school.”