Douglas L. Peterson

Douglas L. Peterson

Joseph Tedeschi, Douglas L. Peterson, and Masazumi Nakayama.
Image: Financial Times / Flickr CC

Like anyone who believes in a stable future, Standard and Poor’s President Douglas L. Peterson does what he can do support education.  Peterson is on the board of trustees at Claremont McKenna College, where he received his undergraduate degree, and is a board member for the Wharton Financial Institute, where he earned his master’s in business administration.  He is also an advisor at the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna.

Peterson became the president of Standard and Poor’s in 2011, less than a year after reaching the Chief Operating Officer position at Citi Group.  He had started with Citi twenty six years earlier as a corporate banker in Argentina and had worked his way up over the years.  Peterson has a reputation for crisis management after building back the business Citi lost in Japan after a money laundering crisis in 2004 and paying back the stimulus from the United States in 2008.  His experience in Japan earned him the COO position in New York.

Claremont McKenna’s Kravis Leadership Institute is a prestigious program for the next generation of business leaders, and boasts an advisory board that not only includes the S&P president but also the CEO of Del Monte Foods, the Executive Vice Chairman of Bank of America Merril Lynch and the managing director at Knight Libertas.  The program supports cutting edge studies in leadership and practical experience for students of Claremont McKenna College.

The Wharton Financial Institutions Center at the University of Pennsylvania is an education hub focused on staying relevant.  Douglas Peterson’s banking experience and his newer role at Standard & Poor’s helps to create educational programs and support that better prepare business and finance students for careers of the time.  The center also produces research and hosts industry forums.

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