Carl Mattone

Carl Mattone is President of the Mattone Group. Carl was first welcomed into the Mattone Group, originally his father’s real estate business, in 1985. He began as the Vice President of Project Development and later worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer (1990) and eventually President (1995).

Prior to joining his father’s company, Carl Mattone formed his own real estate company that focused on property maintenance and development contracts for projects in Queens and Brooklyn. His duties these days range from overseeing the construction of large-scale developments and their maintenance to negotiating leases and coordinating with retail tenants. The Mattone Group primarily constructs movie theaters and shopping centers.

But Carl Mattone is more than just a real estate mogul. He also donates to a variety of causes, including education. He graduated from Holy Cross High School in Queens in 1977, going on to attend Iona College afterwards. Since then, he has donated to Holy Cross as well as served on its Board of Directors.

His parents, Joseph and Mary Ann Mattone, cultivated a spirit of giving in Carl and his brother, donating money to a variety of academic causes, including St. John’s University. The school has been recognized for its outstanding academic programs, and diverse student body, among other things. The Mattone Group has also exercised its philanthropic muscles, donating to the Queens Library Foundation.

Carl Mattone has followed in his parents’ footsteps, stepping aside from the real estate business to participate in community events like school carnivals and fundraisers. He and his brother attended the Saint Anastasia’s Church Carnivals, spending hours spooning dough into deep fryers to create delectable Zeppoli to raise money for the school.

“You meet new people and become friends for years,” Mattone said during the carnival one year, other volunteers chiming in to say it was a great fundraising and networking opportunity for everyone involved.

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