Amplify – Reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn.
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American education is lacking. Globally, American students rank 23rd in science and 32nd in math. We rank 21st when it comes to graduation. Two-thirds of U.S. 8th graders are not proficient in reading or math. Education funding per student has doubled, yet education in America is still suffering.

Amplify wants to change this, and they want to do it with the help of teachers and students. Their goal: empower teachers to offer more personalized instruction while encouraging students to be more active and engaged learners, all through technology.

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Amplify empowers students and teachers.

Amplify created the mCLASS assessment system for school districts to keep up-to-date tabs on students’ progress, strengths and weaknesses, all in real time. Teachers are using their tablets to track each student as they work, and the mCLASS program is able to tell the teacher, and each student, how far along they are. It also helps teachers gauge what is working and what isn’t on a district level. The assessment technology is programmed to identify problems and help teachers and administrators find solutions. As Amplify states, “It’s not up to teachers to figure out the technology. It’s up to technology to figure out the teachers.”

That technology is the company’s driving force. From digital classrooms to tablet instructions, Amplify is taking the digital age to the classroom. In a technology-dependant world, students can take their lesson plans anywhere with them. Gone are the excuses that text books are too heavy to carry; they’re right on your tablet or phone.

Mobile education is the way of the future, and Amplify is leading the pack. They are finding new ways to bridge the gap in achievement and to raise our dismal global rankings. Their mission, in short, is to amplify.