Greenwich Academy is an educational institution empowered to support innovative programs through inspired leadership received from administrators, faculty, and volunteers from the financial community, like Rene Kern, Managing Director of General Atlantic, who sits on the Board of Trustees.

The challenge facing educators interested in graduating students with the potential to become thought leaders is that our current school administrators must deconstruct the static system of which they are an integral part.

Teachers, parents, and educators interested in igniting the potential of all students must begin to search out institutions and schools like Greenwich Academy. Greenwich is a college preparatory day school for girls and young women that provides an innovative and comprehensive education to a community that is diverse and engaged with active learning.

Greenwich Academy distinguishes itself from the traditional educational system by innovating educational programs that engage participation and input from thought leaders of all stripes and expertise. Here are a few of their recent speakers:

Beatrice Biira: Heifer International

Beatrice Biira’s family was given $20 to purchase a goat through Heifer International. The daily sale of goat’s milk paid for Biira’s education. Over the ensuing years, and with the support of Heifer International, she graduated from a US college and now works in New York City. Biira’s story taught the students about the struggles girls face every day to get an education.

Scott Flansburg: The Human Calculator

Flansburg is a numbers whiz. In his lecture to the students at Greenwich Academy, he said, “Numbers have patterns. That’s what makes them the most powerful language on the planet.” He regularly visits the school and often uses his math games to engage the students.

Gail Collins: New York Times Op-Ed Columnist

Collins related an incident from her book “When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present.” She said that in 1960 Lois Rabinowitz was thrown out of a New York City courtroom for wearing slacks while paying a speeding ticket. Collins encouraged the young women to study history and to continue challenging the status quo in their pursuit of equality and education.