International business students have a fantastic option when it comes to getting the education and networking support they need in an age of growing technology and opportunity. The Lauder Institute’s MBA/MA degree prepares future business leaders to tackle the complicated elements of international economy in terms of both cultural and business perspectives. Or, as the Lauder Institute website says:

“In today’s increasingly complex, volatile, and mobile environment, the Lauder Institute offers a career- and life-changing opportunity to dovetail business acumen with language and cultural fluency.”

With a board composed of today’s business leaders, including Rene Kern, (General Atlantic), James J. Kim (Amkor Technology, Inc.), and Janifer M. Burns (Lauder Advisory Council), students have the opportunity to be mentored by and work directly with industry veterans.

Founded in 1983 by Leonard and Ronald Lauder, the Lauder Institute offers a joint degree program in international management, combining an MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences with a Wharton MBA or JD from Penn Law. This combination allows students to use both cultural studies and business know-how to really delve into the inner workings of the global community.

Each class includes 50-70 Lauder Fellows who work closely together, including studying abroad in their focus country to implement the strategies learned in the classroom. Students must integrate language, managerial, and cultural skills to run successful projects in multiple regions.

In an effort to keep the Lauder Institute running smoothly into the future, they have begun a five-year fundraising campaign with the ambitious goal of raising $10 million from alumni and friends, to be matched by the Lauder family for a total of $20 million in support of the program. The funds would be used to provide fellowships for future students and to support future international programs and new learning opportunities to better understand today’s global environment.

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