As 2015 begins, so too does the spring semester at colleges and universities around the country. It is time to shake off the rust and get back to having classes once more. If you wish to have success, it is important to learn from the mistakes of the last semester and start your new classes, and the New Year, off on the right foot. Below we will discuss how to prepare for going back to college for spring semester after the holidays.

Buy your books as soon as possible. For the beginning of fall semester, there is a much longer period of time before classes start during which to purchase your books. However, this same cushion of time does not exist for spring semester. Students commonly only get back to campus one or two days before classes start at the earliest, which cuts it pretty close for purchasing books. Order your books as early as possible so that you aren’t inconvenienced by finding your books out of stock. 

Get organized in a big way. Lear from the mistakes of the last semester, and address the areas where you found that you struggled most. One great way to improve your organization is to purchase a separate set of supplies for each class. For example, you might have a notebook and folder for each class.

Make a schedule. You’ll have to adapt to a completely new schedule, and it won’t be easy to remember for at least a couple weeks. This will also allow you to strategize when you will fit in time for studying, socializing, working, etc. Plus having a well-detailed schedule will help with your overall organization! 

Refocus and reevaluate. The beginning of the semester is the perfect time to make any sort of big changes to your schedule, like picking up a part-time job or signing up for an extracurricular activity.

Good luck with your new classes!