In America, it is no secret that tuition costs are crazy high. In fact, tuition costs in America have risen 500% since 1985 and are still on the rise. Many students leave college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt—much more if they decide to attend graduate school or study abroad. However, there is one way to get the study abroad experience and save money—study in a country where international students don’t have to pay tuition. Here is a list of some countries where Americans can study for free, or almost free, while still receiving a quality education.


Germany is home to many internationally ranked public institutions. There are more than 900 universities in Germany where American students can study for free and without having to learn German. The Germans believe that attracting international students with free tuition will allow German students studying English as a second language to become better acquainted with students who have English as a first language. Also, they hope to attract these students to say in Germany and join their work force.


Finland also offers many programs for free to international students. However, the Finnish government will not cover your living expenses.


There are many French programs from the undergraduate to PhD level. However, there is a tuition cost for students—but nothing nearly as high as in the American higher education system. For example, the most 


In Sweden, one of the world’s healthiest countries, offers English-speaking programs at 35 universities. However, you will only receive a free education if you are at the PhD level.


Universities in Norway do not charge tuition to international students. Also, the education system is designed in a similar way to the US, so you will likely find it an easy transition. However, Norway has one of the highest costs of living, especially in the capital Oslo, so you might not save as much money as you’d expect.

What do you think about tuition prices in America? Would you study in another country?