The Council for Economic Education is holding its annual Visionary Awards in October. CEE delivers economic education to K-12 students by educating its educators. Its goal is to reach and teach every child to create a more informed citizenry capable of making better decisions as savers, investors, borrowers, voters and participants in the global economy.

CEE achieves nationwide reach through its network of over 200 national affiliates. In 2013, over 55,000 teachers were trained; of those, over 5,000 are in the lowest-performing high schools in the country. CEE hopes that by continuing the education of teachers, it can improve these classrooms and school and in turn create a better-informed society.

Of the 55,000 teachers trained, CEE estimates that it reached 5 million students. All resources and programs are developed by educators for educators. It provides the curriculum tools, pedagogical support and the community of peers that instruct, inspire and guide.

The CEE Visionary Awards look to honor leaders who promote what it values, which is economic and financial literacy.

This years honorees are:

They are following in the footsteps of the 2013 nominees:

  •  The Honorable Alan S. Blinder, Former Vice–Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; and currently Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University and Vice–Chairman of Promontory Interfinancial Network
  • Joyce B. Cowin, Founder of The Cowin Financial Literacy Project at Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Steve Liesman, CNBC Senior Economics Reporter
  • David W. Nelms, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Discover Financial Services
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