To most students, approaching exams seem more like an imminent threat than an opportunity to prove themselves best among the rest. Have you ever thought, ‘Why some students are able to score the exams with flying colors even with last-minute studies, while some fall short even with months of hard work?’ The answer is that hard work isn’t the key to solving your problems or accomplishing things effectively, but smart work is.

Hard work only allows you to do things in an aggressive way, which can be quite useful in some cases but certainly not in studies. Smartness, on the other hand, empowers you to do things in a systematic and well-calculated fashion thereby allowing you to accomplish your undertaking as swiftly and efficiently as possible, which is what you seriously need to do for effective studies.

Following are some effective ways you can score your exams by studying smartly.

Set a Realistic Schedule

At times, students make a schedule for their studies that they can’t even follow for a day, because the schedule is not realistic itself. Make a plan that you can follow easily throughout the day, week or until your exams aren’t over. Divide your subjects in days and divide your day and night time for different activities. Also, keep room in your schedule for any unforeseen changes so that you don’t get troubled with something unexpected.

Set an Appropriate Study Environment

Select a place where you feel comfortable and motivated to study. The place should be free from environmental distractions, so that you can focus completely on your studies.

Make sure that the place is fully equipped with necessary stationary items. If you need to work online, your computer must have internet access. Check out all the wires and sockets so it does not create trouble for you while you are working.

Apart from it you should also be careful about the room temperature and lightning. Room temperature should be adjusted to normal. Lightning should neither be too bright nor too dim. It should rather be kept at medium.

Begin With the Toughest Subject

Always start with the toughest subject first so that you can’t be troubled by it in the end. In fact, you should dedicate a large fraction of your schedule to toughest subjects rather than those that are easiest.

Take Breaks In Between

When your mind gets tired, take a power nap to refresh yourself. Play games, have some snacks and watch TV. If you’ve been sitting on your study desk for more than an hour or so, you should probably stretch yourself a bit or do some light exercise to keep blood circulation in your body active.

Use Creative Methods to Learn

Creative methods include brainstorming, mind-mapping, flash-cards, outlining, etc. You can even find many creative applications on your iPhone or android that you can use to your advantage and prepare for your exams in the best possible manner.

Take Your Own Test

Evaluate yourself by taking a mock test. This way, you will definitely be able to find where you lack in the subject and where you make the most mistakes.

Try to give more time to those subjects in which you continuously get less marks. The more you learn and evaluate yourself, the more you will be able to improve yourself.

Prefer Group Study

When you study in group with your friends, a sense of competition develops that compels you to aim higher than others. The best way to make the competition even more amazing is by assigning time limit for preparation and mock test.


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