General Education

  1. Smithsonian Videos: The beloved museum’s official channel mostly serves as a hub for its other offerings, but still hosts its own series of videos covering everything from biology to art.
  2. Yale University Courses: Faculty members at the Ivy League campus provide lecture series on a broad range of educational topics.
  3. NPR Radio Pictures: Fans of NPR’s programming will enjoy watching their educational channel packed with science, philosophy art and more.
  4. The Khan Academy: Salman Khan at CNN hosts a video series on academic subjects (mathematics, sciences and economics), test prep advice and life skills such as basic banking.

Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Technology

  1. Robert Krampf: The former Pink Palace educator’s positive, upbeat enthusiasm is as infectious as it is informative.
  2. Steve Spangler Science: Steve Spangler’s science demonstrations are best suited for young audiences or older students needing a quick and easy refreshers on the basic principles at play.
  3. California Academy of Sciences: This massive museum features exhibits on natural history, astronomy and marine sciences — so, of course, their videos follow suit.
  4. Channel: Suggest this excellent video series to students who find themselves struggling with different mathematical concepts. It will not take the place of tutoring, of course, but the channel does work as a supplement.

Visual, Performing and Liberal Arts

  1. MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art: Use this channel to introduce students to the hottest and most influential modern and contemporary artists the world has to offer.
  2. Anaheim Ballet: One of the most popular YouTube channels delivers some of the most stunning and dramatic dance pieces available online.
  3. Michelle Phan: Drama teachers need to push their makeup crews towards Michelle Phan, whose boundless artistry serves as a great source of design inspiration.
  4. National Writing Project: National Writing Project hopes to educate teachers on the best classroom strategies to help strengthen one of the most integral life skills.