Packing a lunch for your kids can be difficult – especially if you want to pack something healthy that they will actually it. Before you get mad at your kids for not eating the veggies you sent them, remember that eating healthy starts at home. Set a good example by eating healthy yourself. The more your kids see you eating healthy and are presented with healthy options, the more likely they are going to actually eat the healthy lunches you send them!

One way to make school lunches easier is by packing them all on Sunday night. However, if it is something like a sandwich or cut up apple, you may want to do that the morning of. Planning out the ingredients you need for the week helps as well. If Thursday comes and you have already run out of carrots or crackers, you may not have the option of sending them to school with something healthy. Whether your kids are used to eating healthy or not, here are some quick and easy school lunch ideas:

lunches-healthyOption One: Chicken salad sandwich, fruit, chips, and a veggie. For a healthy alternative to the normal chicken salad, use greek yogurt or lite mayo. You can also add grapes, green onions, celery, pecans, or any combination for a bit of protein and veggies.

Option Two: Cheese, lunchmeat and crackers. Add fruit, veggies, and nuts.

Option Three: Sandwich made with lunchmeat, cheese, and lettuce. Add carrots with ranch or hummus, gold fish, and an apple.

Option Four: Apple and peanut butter sandwich. Add crackers or nuts, veggies, and a cheese stick.

Option Five: Leftover pasta. Add a small salad, Fig Newtons, and fruit.

Option Six: Cheese quesadilla with peppers. Add strawberries with vanilla yogurt, edamame, and crackers.


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