In 2013, Olympic Gold Medalist and Right to Play founder Johann Olav Koss received the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership. Then in 2014, the Kravis Leadership Institute was so inspired by Koss that it was determined to bring him back to speak with the Claremont Mudd-Scripps athletes and coaches.

Right to Play is a global organization founded in 2000 that uses the power of sports and games to educate and empower children facing hardship. It regularly reaches one million children with weekly activities and helps them to develop critical life skills by showing how playful learning is a key to prosperity.

In January, when Kravis Leadership Institute invited Johann Olav Koss to speak, the foundation sponsored a Leadership Coaching Program for students, athletes and coaches alike. With guests such as Mr. Koss, the institute created a full day of interactive discussions that are focused on team leadership, as well as individual guidance.

Henry R. Kravis and his foundation regularly contribute to youth involvement via the Kravis Leadership Institute. On March 5th of this year, it held a program called You@CMC, which was focused on helping youth become more effective at leadership. Through interactive activities and engagement with other youth, the course helped students develop a better understanding of self. It tapped into their personal stories and identified creative approaches to leading with confidence.

Every year, the foundation holds many conferences that focus on bringing together well-known leaders and students to help youths build skills to become leaders themselves.