Thought the holidays were over? Think again—it’s almost Valentine’s Day! For the enthusiastic teacher, each holiday is a great opportunity to decorate the classroom in a new and interesting way. Check out these ideas for getting your classroom in the spirit—for next to nothing in time and money! You can even get the kids crafting to help out. Valentine’s Day décor has never been easier:

Heart Garland—Create some heart garland using a ball of yarn or string and some construction paper. Just cut the paper out into hearts, place the hearts a few inches apart on the yarn, and voila! You can choose to tape the hearts on (centered) or use two hole punches and string the yarn through. Garland can hang down in windows or be strung along the walls. You can even string some from the ceiling if you’re feeling extra ambitious.

Tree of love

Make your very own “tree of love” with just a few branches and some paper hearts.
Image: Makeup Progression

Rose Wreath—Christmas isn’t the only holiday that gets wreaths. Pick up some fake roses from the craft store (nice big round ones) and attach them in a circle (or hearth) to make a pink, red, and white wreath.

Tree of Love—Gather up a few stray branches from the yard or playground, place them in a vase, and attach paper hearts of all sizes to the branches using a hole puncher and ribbon. Jazz up the vase with a sweet little red bow.

Exes and Ohs—Pick up some giant wooden letters (X and O, or even L-O-V-E) from the craft store, as well as your choice of Valentine’s Day colored yarn. Wrap the yarn around the letters tightly until they are completely covered. Check out Little Lulu’s Nest for an idea of what they should look like (or purchase some pre-made ones).

Queen of Hearts—Got an old deck of cards? Maybe it’s missing a few cards, but you haven’t thrown it out for some reason? No problem! Grab your hole-puncher and get to work. Put two evenly spaced holes across the top of each “hearts” card, then string the cards together using some festive ribbon. Heck, you can even use the diamonds, too, for a little more variety and a lot more garland 🙂