Jonas Falk OrganicLife

Jonas Falk, Founder and CEO of OrganicLife
Image: Jonas Falk via LinkedIn

What’s on the menu today in the school cafeteria? Cinnamon rolls, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, French fries? Is it even worth eating, or is it better to just go without food or buy a bag of chips instead? These are decisions students make every single day. When I was in school, I often settled for a piece of bread or a carton of milk because there was nothing to eat that wasn’t full of carbs, grease, and processed ingredients.

It’s the same story across the nation, but it’s one that Jonas Falk is seeking to change. The founder of OrganicLife, Falk is serving up healthy meals in schools across Illinois—and students so far are loving it.

According to Falk, it’s not a hard change to make. He plans on continuing to grow OrganicLife, and hopefully someday we’ll see it expand across the nation. To read more about how Falk’s helping schools make the switch from processed foods to healthy, delicious meals, check out his profile here.

Cover Photo: Shutterstock