Recently, we wrote about the opportunities for students that participate in Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, and now are happy to report that the annual challenge is expanding to 17 more states! The competition, also known as the M3 Challenge, is a reminder to students and faculty that mathematics is critical in solving many real-life problems. It has supported many students in their pursuit of higher education, as is one of the most prestigious applied math competitions for high school students.

Registration for the annual event opened on November 1st, accompanied by the announcement that the competition will extend to 45 states and Washington D.C. Happily, this gives even more students the chance to compete for a share of $125,000 in scholarship prizes. Moody’s Mega Math Challenge project director Michelle Montgomery says that “it’s been exciting to see the enthusiasm from schools in the new areas, and we are looking forward to that this year,” of the positive response to the expansion.

In an interview with Leaders Online, Moody’s CEO Raymond McDaniel explained, “Our involvement in the community has been aligned very closely with the attributes people associate with Moody’s such as promoting education and make sure that students have the specialized skills that are necessary to function in an increasingly complex world.” Indeed, not only is Moody’s known for its community outreach and philanthropy, but also as a corporation that greatly supports education and is a model for how mathematics can be applied in a real-world setting. This is no doubt why the M3 Challenge continues to grow.

Registration for Moody’s Mega Math Challenge is now open! Encourage your students to enroll today!