Literacy is one of the things children most need to learn to be successful in today’s world. A child who doesn’t learn to read properly can fall behind quickly in school, miss out on opportunities, struggle even throughout adulthood. But literacy isn’t just something to be learned in school—it needs to be taught at home, too. You don’t have to be licensed in literacy to help your child learn to read.

For the Teachers recently released an infographic that outlines eleven different ways a parent can help their child learn to read—and the best part is how simple so many of the options are to make reading fun!

“Let your child see you reading! Have magazines and books in your home.” This is key. When I was growing up, my dad was always reading something, and I wanted to be a part of that. But I had to learn to read first.

“Visit your public library regularly. Find and read together the books that were your favorites when you were a kid.” Not only does this make a fun outing out of reading, but it also offers another way for you and your child to bond. Try having your child pick out one book on their own while you pick out the other. This will promote independence and cooperation.

“Enjoy reading with your child. Laugh at silly pictures. Make goofy voices. Have fun!” Let’s face it, if you just keep thinking about how dull the story is, you’ll read in a monotone, and your child will have about as much fun as you do. Liven things up! Make reading exciting, not excruciating.

“Set aside a time and place for reading—like a comfy chair with a reading light for bedtime stories.” The book The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma illustrates exactly how powerful setting aside time for regular reading can be. Don’t miss out on this powerful bonding and learning experience!

Check out all eleven tips on the infographic below. Which are your favorites? Are there any you would add to the list? Please leave your thoughts on how parents can help make reading fun for children in the comments section below!

Ways a Parent Can Help a Child Learn to Read

For the Teachers provides 11 tips for parents to help children learn to read.

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