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Seattle Education Association is watching out for the welfare of local teachers.

If you are a teacher or educator, chances are you have heard of the NEA, or the National Education Association.  However, you may not have heard of the SEA, if you’re not from Seattle.  It stands for the Seattle Education Association.

One of the biggest pieces of what the SEA handles is the collective bargaining agreement for Seattle public school educators.  That is the series of negotiations that determine how much teachers will earn per year, when they will be required to take unpaid furlough days, how much sick leave they will receive and all the other important pieces of the puzzle.  Teachers are busy and cannot all come negotiate on their own.  That’s why the SEA is so important.

The SEA advocates for teachers and staff in the Seattle School District.  They work to get teachers better salaries, smaller class sizes, sick leave, and other benefits of teaching.  It’s nice to know there is an association looking out for teachers.

When you consider how hard teachers work and how much they care about children, they deserve it. To learn more about how the Seattle Education Association is uniting Seattle teachers, check out the complete profile.

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