If you are planning a family, where you decide to live matters.  It can be daunting to try to put all the puzzle pieces neatly together.  You will need to think about proximity to good schools, parks, community centers, grocery shopping, daycare centers and other social services.  Add, on top of that, the actual cost of the house.  Prices can start to skyrocket.

However, everyone wants what is best for their family.  Second to the price of the home, most people put “good school district” at the top of the list.


Ammenities are changing. Image: Shutterstock

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a house in a great school district.  Some families are opting for apartment or condo dwellings with souped-up amenities.  It feels good to know they have great kid-friendly play areas right in their building.  It is safer and easier than driving all the way to a park, finding parking and dealing with fighting off the hordes of other kids and parents.

girls playing

Playrooms and rec areas becoming more common. Image: Shutterstock

One such family-friendly building is Azure, located in New York City near “the Upper East Side’s best public and private educational institutions” and offers a “full-time concierge…(with)…convenient services for every busy family, from finding babysitters to making dining reservations.”

Built by Carl Mattone real estate, the building also offers families plusses such as a children’s playroom and game room for residents of all ages.  The Upper East Side is great because it is close to Central Park and better schools.

Condos and apartment buildings are also responding to the increased demand for family-friendly housing.  They are adding children’s’ libraries, stroller-parking, babysitting services, outdoor recreation space and basketball hoops.

Planning a family is challenging enough on its own.  Choosing where to live shouldn’t have to be a hassle, but it can be difficult.  At least there are more options than ever to meet the need.


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