Supposedly, education has nothing to do with what you wear.  Yet, it has enough to do with it that students have been asked to go home and change and have even been expelled for it.

Most schools have a dress code even if that doesn’t include a uniform.  Most children who attend public school are not required to wear uniforms.  Asked if they would want to, they almost all say no.

What’s wrong with uniforms, though?  They eliminate the question of what to wear in the morning.  They stop the clothing brand competition.  If everyone is wearing the same thing, you won’t be able to pick on those who come from low-income families.  So they say.


Students will bully each other, uniforms or no uniforms.
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That’s not entirely true though.  There are so many ways for kids to pick on one another.  They will discover, after going to school together for years, if you are wealthy or not.  They will look at the other things you carry.  Do you sport a designer backpack?  Do you have a cell phone?  They may even look at your socks to see if they have a brand logo.

What is clear is that it is never easy getting out the door in the morning regardless of whether you wear a uniform or not.  However, kids are getting in trouble for some surprising things.

Four high school boys were asked to turn their American flag clothing inside out on Cinco de Mayo.  The school, Live Oak High School, said the boys were being defiant and that their clothing was disrespectful to the large Mexican-American population at the school in California.  The principal later apologized.

Another incident involved J.T. Gaskins who decided to grow out his hair to donate to Locks of Love for a Leukemia patient.  However, he ended up getting suspended for violating the dress code policy that requires boys’ hair to be “off the collar, off the ears and out of the eyes.”