As our nation pushes for education reform in order to improve children’s access to high quality education, so that all children can have the opportunity to succeed, we often cringe at the thought of budgets being slashed in schools. As many schools today try to reduce costs, there has been a shift to a focus on creating a curriculum that is efficient and effective.

Currently the Common Core Standards are being implemented in schools across America. The Common Core Curriculum standards have defined the knowledge and skills that children need to succeed in future academia. These standards are consistent, clear, strong benchmarks for what students are expected to learn in English Language Arts and Math. Each standard makes sure students know what they need to know before graduation. These standards are applicable to the real world, arming students with the knowledge and skills required of them after graduation and in their careers.  The establishment of these standards will allow our nation to better understand how are students are doing when it comes to education.

Schools are now turning to new software that will allow them to deliver online learning programs that will help struggling students meet the Common Core Standards; it’s about cost-effective methods.

Recent in the news, KKR, co-founded by Henry Kravis, will soon be investing in Edgenuity, an education software maker. Edgenuity creates online learning programs that are engaging and efficient. They have created a new suite of programs designed specifically to help students meet the Common Core Standards.

Edgenuity’s new suite for common core will include programs for English Language Arts and Mathematics. In English Language Arts, programs students will build knowledge through “content-rich nonfiction.” Students will also learn how to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences. Mathematics programs will focus on the development of long-term and deep knowledge.

Henry Kravis and others will soon be investing $200 million into Edgenuity. With educational-software backing up the Common Core Standards, it is hoped that students will receive the right support for achieving their education goals.

Feature Image: Roro Fernandez via Flickr