Far too often, students looking to make their way into the business and professional world find themselves at a loss for what to do once they do get an interview. When you have never been a part of the corporate world, or have very little experience, it can be a daunting task to sit  in an interview comfortably and converse with potential employers in a way that will make them want to hire you. Moody’s Interview University works to solve that problem.

Starting in 2012, our favorite investor services company Moody’s launched Moody’s Interview University, which was set up by Moody’s CEO Ray McDaniel to meet the growing needs of students looking to land a job but who don’t have any interview experience. Students are invited into a professional setting and given mock interview opportunities by several real Moody’s employees.

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Are you ready to interview?
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The ninety-minute sessions are unique in that they offer opportunities to both the student and the employee. Students gain valuable interview experiences, while employees are able to volunteer for a worthy cause without even leaving work. Set up like a “speed dating” session, students come to one of the two sessions offered for their mock interviews.

Programs like these are innovative and directly impact the surrounding communities. Not only will students gain the experience of having to showcase themselves during an interview, but they will also be able to see what a corporate setting is really like and talk with real employees—not just interview coaches. These employees can offer real-world advice and feedback, as well as help students develop and grow as they continue searching for a job.