If PJs and a cup of coffee is your idea of holiday shopping, then look no further than the AppStore when finding gifts for your technology-craving children. Yes, the iPad and the iPhone are all the rage among even the youngest kids these days; all they know is that it’s shiny, expensive, and of course they can play games on it! But the iPhone and iPad offer something quite different than the Nintendo 3DS or video games; an endless number of educational apps are available at your fingertips via the AppStore so that your child can play and learn on the go. Since the holiday season is in full swing, check out these holiday apps your kids will love:

Reindeer Match Em’ Up (only 99 cents!): If you’re looking for a memory game that helps your child enhance their motor skills, this game is an excellent choice. This is a matching game with eight reindeer. Play alone or with a friend.




Elly’s Christmas (only 99 cents!): This is the 12th addition of a series of ebook apps with Elly and all her adorable friends. It tells the story of Elly preparing for Christmas Eve with her friends as she rushes about wrapping gifts, making food, and decorating the Christmas tree. This app includes a read-to-me story, a read-to-myself story, and cute interactive images.



Letters For Santa (only 99 cents!: This is an interactive storybook about a reindeer named Ruben who makes an invention to help Santa’s elves work more efficiently in his workshop. At the end, kids can write their own letter to Santa, which is sent to an email address of your choice. What’s great about this app is that it is kid-friendly, it has great graphics, and kids write their letter using their finger instead of a keyboard. If you want to find out what your kids have in their wish list this year, this app is a great way to find out!


Santa’s Christmas Village (only 99 cents!): If your child enjoys crosswords and other brain puzzles, they will definitely enjoy this holiday app featuring 17 fun brain games. Kids can choose a game by moving around Santa’s village. Snowman math, solitaire, Sudoku, four in a row, checkers, word search, and snowman hangman are just a few on many other fun games included.






Cover Image: Cesar Poyatos via Flickr

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