Fall is in the air, and that means college admissions for high school seniors. While senior year is considered the best year of high school, a time to be young and free, it certainly does not come without the stresses over college admissions and college decision-making. There are stresses over which schools to apply to, financial aid, and the actual applications themselves. Colleges have admission options including: early decision, early admission, and single-choice early action that can leave seniors and parents a little confused. Seniors may also be stressing about their college admissions essays. If you are a senior, all these questions and options may have your head spinning. Not to worry, let’s clear a few things up:


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What is early action?
According to CollegeBoard, an early action plan is a non-binding application process that allows students to receive a decision by the school early in the admission cycle (usually January and February).

What is early decision?
Early decision is a binding application that requires that the student attend the college if they are accepted. These students apply to only one early decision and will be notified of the school’s decision early in advance of the usual notification date.

What is single-choice early action?
Single-choice early action is a non-binding application process in which the student does not apply early decision or early action to any other college.

Tips for the essay section of the application process:
• When it comes to answering essay questions, be yourself. Let your voice and personality be heard through your writing. These people want to know who you are, not the person who you think they want to hear.
• Write sincerely from personal experience.
• Have fun with it. I know it is an essay, but if you are knowledgeable and enjoy what you are writing about, it will be reflected in your writing and other people will enjoy it as well.

Happy admissions!



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